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Hikawa Maru
(floating ship management)

The Hikawa Maru was built at Mitsubishi Dockyard in Yokohama in 1930 (or the 5th year of the Showa Era), with high expectations, as NYK Line's ocean liner on the Seattle route from Japan.

After World War II broke out, she was used as a hospital ship and, after the end of the war, to transport soldiers back to Japan, vigorously surviving each age. In 1952, when Japan regained its independence by signing the San Francisco Peace Treaty, she was put in service on the Seattle route again, showing her elegant figure as a lady in the North Pacific Ocean.

She finally put an end to her mission as a passenger cargo ship in 1960. When she was about to be scrapped to end her life, it was decided, in 1961, the following year, to moor her just off Yamashita Park as a memorial for the 100th anniversary of the opening of Yokohama Port. She started a new life as a vessel inside of which tourists can inspect.

On November 4, 2003, she was designated as a cultural property by the City Government of Yokohama.Then, Government of Japan designated Hikawa-Maru one of the National Important Cultural Properties on August 17,2016.
The Hikawa Maru, representative of Japanese passenger ships build before World War II, is one of the vessels with historic values existing in the world.

In contrast to vessels currently in operation which are constructed by combining prefabricated hull blocks, the Hikawa Maru, built early in the Showa Era, was constructed by joining steel plates, one by one, with rivets. For the maintenance of the hull built in such a manner, seafarers' experience and expertise come to play an important role. Knowledgeable marine technicians are making efforts day by day, by using the best of their knowhow in order to maintain the hull.

Yusen Navtec's services are not limited to hull maintenance and include a wide range of management work for the ship, as a floating vessel, such as securing the safety of general visitors, and preparation for undergoing periodical surveys.

Yusen Navtec commits itself to contributing to society through the conservation and maintenance of the vessel with a historic value so as to hand her down to later generations. It will also use the knowhow of the maintenance of the Hikawa Maru for the upkeep of other moored vessels (floating ships).

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