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Oil Storage Vessels

Japan currently has 10 national oil storage terminals. Of those, Kamigoto and Shirashima oil storage bases have adopted a unique method of "offshore storage" found only at two places in the world.

The "offshore storage" can be described in a few words as storage of oil in 900 thousand ton-class tankers, without engines, moored in man-made waters, with calm sea and weather conditions.

You may not be able to imagine a 900 thousand ton-class tanker. A steel box 400 m long, 100 m wide, and 30 m deep, without an engine. This is a description of the tanker. If you go around on the deck of the vessel, it will amount to a 1 km walk. Such a big size.
Five vessels of such a large size (called "storage vessels") are moored in Kamigoto in the Goto Islands of Nagasaki Prefecture. They store 3.40 million kiloliters of crude oil, a volume equal to the total consumption of the entire nation, at the current level, for six days.

The storage vessels in Kamigoto, as the forerunner of "offshore storage" bases found at only two locations, are also subject to periodical surveys since they are floating ships, in a similar manner as automobiles must be regularly inspected.
Before they are inspected, there is a need to unload crude oil from the vessels and make a safe environment to enable persons to enter tanks.

For that purpose, it is necessary to carry out various operations, including the cleaning of tanks with crude oil and seawater, and, the removal of flammable and toxic gases from tanks, an operation called gas-freeing.
We call a series of these operations 'tank cleaning work', and our employees conduct the work safely and efficiently by making use of their knowhow they acquired as crewmembers on board tankers.

Yusen Navtec firmly believes not only that it is important to carry out, safely and efficiently, such special work, rarely found in the world, but also that it is its own mission to pass over such techniques for the future.

By handling mega-floats called storage vessels, it is making daily efforts to cultivate knowhow concerning them so as to apply it to other operation related to similar facilities.

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