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Sale of food products


A memory of a fantastic western-style dry curry during a voyage on a luxury passenger ship, which established the basis of western food culture in Japan. This wonderful dish has been revived as a product packed in a retort pouch.

The Hikawa Maru and other luxury ocean liners in the 1930’s were called “supreme hotels floating on the sea”.
Seafarers who served as the chief cook of the vessel trained themselves at authentic places to learn western cooking and other cooks had to learn hundreds of recipes at training facilities.

The ‘Yusen (NYK)-style dry curry’, a dish which they take pride in even now, and is still talked about as a “dish invented by a Japanese cook of Yusen”, has been revived as a retort pouch-packed food product in two versions, mild and hot flavors.

It is easily available by mail order from Yusen Navtec.
Our company also deals with various food products by the brand name of “Hikawa Maru”, including fried onion (50 g at a price of \735), as an indispensable and delicious side dish to go with the dry curry, with its special aroma and sweet taste.

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Sale of goods

Yusen Navtec has been supplying ships' operetors' and seafarers with uniform dress and hat, safety shoes.

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