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ISO 9001 certification

By acquiring certification for ISO 9001, Yusen Navtec is aiming at meeting customer satisfaction, and, through continuous activities for improvement, at maintaining social confidence, gaining a further competitive edge, and developing the company.

The president is committed to comprehensive quality assurance activities for customers, by specifying the company's quality policy as follows:
Quality policy
As a professional team offering services to ships and other floating structures, our company is committed to performing the following items, in order to help improve “its services to customers” and “its internal organization”.
  1. Ensuring to achieve customer requirements and to evaluate customer satisfaction;
  2. Ensuring to apply and assess by-laws
  3. Selection of good partner companies, achievement of thorough safety management through the provision of guidance, and compliance with statutory rules and regulations
  4. Improvement of services in quality through good cooperation with partner companies
  5. Provision of services with the environment always in mind

Scope of certification of Yusen Navtec
Date of Initial certification June 17, 2002
Certification body BSI Group Japan K.K.
Applicable standards ISO9001:2008, JIS Q 9001:2008
Registration No. QJ00083,FS67735
Accreditation bodies JAB, ANAB
Scope of certification Cleaning and maintenance work for ships and floating crude oil storage tanks

ISO 9001/2000
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