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Corporate profile

Trade name Yusen Navtec Co., Ltd.
Capital 80 million yen
Head Office Yusen Building 9 Kaigan-dori 3-chome, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 231-0002
Main switchboard telephone No.: 045-663-1401
Kobe Office 2-25 Nishidemachi 1-chome, Hyogo-ku,
Kobe-shi, Hyogo 652-0822
Main switchboard telephone No.: 078-651-2133
No.of employees 99 as of Mar.31,2018


Yusen Navtec Co., Ltd. was founded on October 14, 1987, with a capital amount of 80 million yen, entirely financed by NYK Line. Its purpose was to take advantage, on land, of the knowhow cultivated by seafarers aboard ships.
Initially it undertook, as ship agency services, maintenance work for vessels, and shipboard clerical work support, when such ships entered ports. After that, it has expanded its scope of business to include food sales, tank cleaning work for oil storage vessels in Kamigoto, painting work in general (license obtained as a construction company), temporary help business (licenses obtained to dispatch both general staff and seafarers), work for the Yokohama Marine Personnel Team of the Human Resources Group of NYK Line, assistance to foreign seafarers for a crew change, and ship management services for various types of ship.
It acquired the entire stock of Marues Submerge Industries, Ltd. in 2004 to start underwater work.

Services provided Yusen Navtec offers various assistance services related to ship operation and management, based on its maritime knowhow.
It also delivers, to homes, foods loved by passengers on board ocean liners as food products packed in retort pouches.
For further details, refer to "Guide to services".

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