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Code of Corporate Conduct

Our company was founded in 1987 as a 100% subsidiary by NYK Line, for the purpose of developing businesses suitable for the new era. We have an abundance of know-how regarding the carriage of goods by sea, acquired through years of operating history, and manifested in the skills of our specialists, with their rich experience on board ships. Since our company’s founding, we have aimed at expanding the scope of our business so as to provide an ever improving variety of services.

We hereby establish our ‘Code of Corporate Conduct’ predicated on our belief that: It is essential (1) to make continuous efforts to maintain the quality of our staff and to ensure that all members retain a high level of maritime expertise, in order to provide our customers with the best possible services, and (2) to manage the company, as a member of the civil society, by complying not only with statutory laws, but also with norms of social ethics. In so doing, we can make contributions to the betterment of the international community.
  1. Social mission
    Recognizing that our social mission is to provide safe and excellent services as a member of the NYK Line group engaged in the sales of maritime expertise as well as the sales of goods at traditional stores, we will humbly listen to the needs of our customers and live up to their expectations. Furthermore, we will earn proper profits through legal and fair corporate management and reward shareholders financially. Finally, but not the least, we will make contributions to the development of society.
  2. Work safety and protection of the marine environment
    Considering that our most important task is to ensure the safety of tank cleaning work, underwater work, and other various operations, we will improve and strengthen safety measures based on international safety standards, and further strive to improve the safety of our operating procedures.
    In recognition of the fact that the oceans are the invaluable assets of the earth, we will endeavor to prevent marine contamination and protect the global environment.
  3. Legal compliance
    In the belief that a corporation must behave as a member of a community, we will carry out corporate activities, based on justice and fairness, in compliance with statutory laws and social ethical standards.
  4. Elimination of anti-social forces
    We will definitely confront anti-social forces and groups that may threaten the order and safety of the life of citizens.
  5. Disclosure of information and communication with society
    We will endeavor to communicate openly with society by disclosing corporate information in a proactive manner.
  6. Maintenance of good working environment
    We will ensure a good working environment for our employees by respecting their personalities and individual differences.

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