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Action plan to support child care for the next generation

We will set up the following action plan in the hope that all the employees can fully achieve their potential in a worker-friendly environment in which they pursue their career without sacrificing their time for child care and which will allow them to maintain a good balance between work and family life.

1.Period of action plan: April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2021

Goal 1: We will give work-related information to employees who are on child-care leave so as to help them return to their work smoothly.
Provision, by e-mail, telephone or other means, of work-related information and other notices to be communicated to employees.

Goal 2: We will staff the General Affairs Team with members who can consult with and advise employees regarding their continuation of work, pregnancy, child birth, child care and other related matters.
We will give explanations of our system concerning maternity/childcare leave and distribute related material to those who plan to use the system.

Goal 3: We will promote arrangements to encourage our staff to leave the office on time and reduce over-time work
As to our employees who are raising children, we will support them in balancing work and child care, by offering flextime.

Goal 4: Full use of paid vacation
We will encourage our employees to take annual paid vacation as consecutive days off, and will assist them in keeping track of their available vacation by providing information on the number of days already taken as paid leave.

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