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President's message

Our company was established in October 1987 for the purpose of assisting seafaring employees of NYK Line with their transition to work ashore. At that time, the high value of the yen was causing considerable changes in the maritime job market, and we are pleased to be able to say that a large number of seafarers have been able to find jobs ashore through the assistance of our offices.

Since the founding of our company, this work has given us an important role as an “on-shore” support squad for NYK Line’s fleet.

We are now engaged in various business activities, including the development of new enterprises, with the help of many shore staff members (in contrast to ex-mariners). These activities typically involve services which take advantage of the expertise and know-how that officers and ratings have gained through their life on board ships.

To cite a few examples of our employees’ skills: expertise in the operation of VLCCs which can be used in the tank cleaning operations of off-shore crude oil storage vessels, as part of a national project for stockpiling crude oil; the expertise of operational management of LNG carriers and other various types of vessels, which is important to the businesses of supervising the construction of new vessels and ship management; experience in the purser department, as port pursers for vessels staying in port, and in the business of attendance to foreign seafarers; and the skills developed through experience in the catering department, for the production and sales of dry curry and other food products.

In addition, our diving team has begun under-water work in support of maintenance of the ship’s hull, with a focus on ensuring safe vessel operation.

We have functioned up to now as a sincere, though slightly rustic, group of specialists with diverse skills and expertise.

Going forward, we intend to continue our activities as a team that combines the imagination of our members with the unyielding spirit typical of mariners. We will not rest content with the current situation, but will enthusiastically strive to offer top quality services with careful attention paid to every detail.

We express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has given us their support since the founding of our company, and we hope we can look forward to their continued support in the future.

President: Shinichi Takeda

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