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Privacy policy

[ Handling of private information ]

Recognizing that we have an important social responsibility to secure the trust and confidence of our customers and other parties through the safe management of their confidential information, we promise that all members of the company?directors and employees?will follow the guidance of NYK Navtec’s Code of Corporate Conduct, and abide by all statutory regulations concerning the protection of private information. We also promise to take measures to properly handle any such information that is under our control.
  1. Collection of private information
    We will gather only that private information which is required as a business necessity, by using lawful and fair methods, and will take adequate measures to ensure safe management of such information.
  2. Clarification of the purpose of the use of private information
    When we request someone to give his/her personal information, we will inform the person, in advance, of the purpose for which we are collecting such information. Furthermore, we will not use such information for another purpose without his/her consent.
  3. Management of private information
    In order to store and manage collected personal information properly and carefully and protect it from the risk of illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage, we will educate our directors and employees regarding the necessity of safe management, and will ensure they are familiar with relevant bylaws. We will also review such bylaws, as appropriate.
  4. Provision of private information to third parties
    As a matter of principle, we will not offer personal information in our possession to third parties, except in the following cases: (1)If the person concerned has consented to the disclosure of his/her personal information;
    (2)If the disclosure is required by law;
    (3)If such information is disclosed in the form of statistical data or other means by which such information is not identified with the individual;
    (4)If, for the purpose of offering commodities or services to a certain customer, we disclose his/her information within the scope we consider necessary to companies with which we have concluded a confidentiality contract; and
    (5)If it is necessary to disclose such information for the protection of life or limb, or the protection of property in a situation in which it is difficult to obtain consent in a timely manner.
  5. Compliance with statutory regulations and ethical norms concerning private information
    We will comply with statutory regulations, guidelines and other norms applicable to private information in our possession, and will, as appropriate, continue to review and improve the above policies.
When an individual who has presented personal information makes an inquiry about, or requests an amendment to his/her own information, we will respond to his/her request within a reasonable time frame after confirming his/her identity. For inquiries, refer to ‘Contact us’.

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